Is there a specific genre/theme in mind for the games/illustration?

No, we accept all games/illustrations submitted, provided it is made for mobile. Let your imagination run wild!

Can I submit more than one entry?

Yes, and particularly for the illustration category, we encourage artists to do so. Of course, game developers can also submit more than one mobile game.

What platform must the games be playable on?

• Registration begins from now to 16 March 2018.

• Submission of games begins 16 March to 9 August 2018, Singapore National Day.

• We begin judging games (50% Miiny judging committee, 50% via reviews and comments on social media and our website) from 9 August to 9 October 2018.

• Winners will be announced on 16 October 2018, followed by a Winner Awards presentation event (TBA November 2018)

How will the entires be judged?

50% of the final score will be determined by the Miiny Internal Judging Committee, comprising of the Miiny development team and two independent representatives. The remaining 50% comes from public reviews and comments on the game on www.miinycontest.com.

If we choose to develop solely for Android/Apple, must we published it live in Google Play Store/Apple App Store or just submit the APK file to the organizer?

All final mobile game submissions will have to be published on either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This is because we want any intellectual property rights for the submitted mobile games to be retained by the participants. This means participants will have to upload the mobile game that he/she or they are going to submit for the Talent Competition onto the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on their own. Then, they will need to send us a link to the game so we can create a link from our website and social media to the respective game – for the public and Miiny followers to download and play.

How will the submitted works be used?

As it is published on a public platform (Google Play or the Apple App Store) the game will be downloaded by public to be reviewed. However, as the entrant published the game to the Google Play or the Apple App Store, they retain all intellectual property rights for the submitted mobile games. In the case of both the Game Development and Illustration categories, entries may be promoted through various Miiny channels (e.g. social media, advertising and more) but entries will be attributed and credited to the entrants.

Is there a minimum team size?

There is no minimum team size. Please feel free to submit games as a team of any number. The entire school can also submit a game as one team.

Is there any platforms or workshops, which may help give us the upper hand?

Unfortunately, that isn’t in the pipeline. We want to prove all participants the opportunity to win. However, we will be having roadshows in schools for you and fellow students to ask any questions that you might be unclear about. As for platforms, MiinyGames develops most of our games using the Unity 3D game engine, but we aren’t restricting entries using other game engines too.

What are the submission requirements?

For Mobile game development, there isn’t any specific theme or genre to the development or design as long the game can be downloaded and playable on the iOS and/or Android platform. It is the same for Character Illustration, there isn’t any specific theme or genre as we are looking at a looking for talented students who can draw/illustrate characters for mobile games.


If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line. If you don’t get an answer immediately, I might just be travelling through the middle of nowhere. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. That’s a promise!


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